Assorted Problems, possibly I'm following the wrong or outdated docs?

(Will) #1

Hi, I’m just trying out pushtype. looks ace. Thanks so much for making a rails cms, it really is what the world needs!

I have got it going, but a lot of things don’t work, so much I’ve decided it must be me? I’m following the getting started instructions on the site.

rails g push_type:node page description:string body:wysiwyg

Just creates a very basic page.rb without the fields. If i add a wysiwyg field it throws an invalid field type error. Lots of other field types don’t work and there are some other issues.

What have i done wrong?

Thanks again, sorry to bother


(Will) #2

might be helpful to share gemfile.lock

(Will) #3

I’ve realised i need rails 4.2. urgh. Sorry i rushed into it on my desktop after a long afternoon trying to get postgres uptodate on my laptop and failing. sorry, ill try again.

(Will) #4

…and now it all works. : )

(Aaron Russell) #5

Hey @asecondwill I think you’ve already got this sorted but yes the gemfile.lock was installing version 0.1 - this was a very early version, loads changed since then :slight_smile:

Just a heads that the next version (0.11.0) will probably drop support for Rails 4.2 and be 5 and up only.

(Will) #6

Cool, yep i moved to 5 to trial this in the end. Easy to do.