Couldn't find file './webpack/admin.bundle'

(Ryan Heneise) #1

I’d like to make some updates (specifically I’m trying to update the gemspec to the latest version of Devise). I’ve pulled down the repo and am trying to run the test suite. However I get the error: couldn't find file './webpack/admin.bundle' when running the admin suite.

I understand that the webpack assets aren’t committed to the repo. Is there any chance they could be? I’d really like to be able to contribute if possible, but I can’t do that if I can’t run the test suite.

I also filed an issue on Github.


(Aaron Russell) #2

Cheers Ryan. I said this in the github issue but will repeat here too, to work with the repo locally you will need a js/node environment. After cloning the repo get all the local npm decencies setup, and the webpack compiled by running:

> cd admin
> npm install
> rake webpack

With the new version of the admin UI I will being committing the compiled javascript to the repo, but you’ll still need a js environment to work on PushType locally as part of the test suite will be using javascript testing tools.