Does PushType support different custom fields for each user?

(David) #1

Hi there, I am making a cloud based archiving tool for artists that allows users to create content with a predefined set of content types and fields. Each user will only see, edit, and browse their own content. BUT I also want users to be able to define (simple) custom fields that they can add to the content types. And each custom field would only appear for the user that created it.

Is it possible to do this in PushType, or is it too niche and would be better off building my own Rails CMS? I am attracted to PushType because of the new json database structure, which I believe would add some flexibility to let users tack on some new fields.

Thanks a lot!

(Aaron Russell) #2

Hi David, I don’t think PushType is going to be the right tool for this one I’m afraid. :disappointed:

Currently PushType has no notion of user authorization, so any user that’s logged in can access all content types, and do everything, whereas what you describe sounds like users should only be able to access their own content types. User authorization features will come at some point, but probably not this side of 2018.

The other thing is that in PushType content types and custom fields are defined in the code base in your models, not via a user interface. I’m guessing that would be required for your use case?

(David) #3

Thanks for the quick reply. It looks like PushType does not have the user permissions functionalities that would be necessary for my app.