Forms & submissions

(Wil) #1

Is there a forms feature or one planned?


  • admin could create a form node, add fields, order them, set validation and save.

  • user could submit form on the site / node view.

  • admin can see submissions, in a global, filterable submissions area.

(Aaron Russell) #2

Hi @Will

There isn’t anything like this planned in the immediate future. Right now if you want a form, it’s DIY - create a model, controller etc.

However, in future one thing I’ve envisaged is the notion of “components” that the user can add to nodes. A component can be anything, a contact form, an as spot, a gallery or whatever, and there will be a simple clean way for developers to create their own components. Hopefully the community would release and share components with each other.

Right now components aren’t the top of the priority list - a new admin UI is. Progress has been slow on that this year as I was travelling for a couple of months and busy with real work, but hopefully I’ll be able to get my head down over the coming months. Components may well be the next big thing after that.

(Wil) #3

i think components system would be really helpful so there is an official way to extend it.

What was the driver for a new UI? Looks great to me! (plus i like foundation)


(Aaron Russell) #4

It’s a bit of a kludge to be honest - foundation, jquery, turbolinks and vue.js, are all thrown together and they don’t really play that nice together. There’s a few weird hacks thrown in to make it all behave.

If you want to customise the admin UI, and create your own advanced custom fields, right now there’s too many nuances and “weird stuff” going on, so I intend to start from scratch and create a clean, modern JS SPA admin UI.