Improve first time user experience after installation

(Jordan Elver) #1

The message says that “Better sort this one out now and create your first piece of content.”.

We cannot because there are no Nodes defined yet. It does says this in the documentation, but I think it would be a good idea to link directly from this page to the documentation about how to create nodes. “You need to create a Node before you can create any content” with a link to here:

(Aaron Russell) #2

In general the messages within the admin UI should be aimed at the user, who is not necessarily the developer, but I think this example is a good exception.

I’d probably just check PushType.root_nodes.present? - Basically if Nodes have been defined then the existing message should be displayed. If not, then something like what you suggest.

Do you want to do that @jordelver?

(Jordan Elver) #3

Good point.

Not entirely sure what you mean? I think the existing message makes sense to the end user, but only when nodes are created by the developer in the system. Should I add an additional error message for this case?

(Aaron Russell) #4

PushType.root_nodes returns an array of Node classes that can be used at the root level.

So basically, if that’s empty display the “you need to define some nodes” message, otherwise display the existing message. There’s also a third condition which is if you’re not at the root level of the site - that’s already got a separate message - I think it will make sense when you look at the coed :thumbsup: