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(Aaron Russell) #1

This tutorial will guide you through the simple process of installing PushType in to your Rails application.


PushType takes advantage of modern features of PostgreSQL, which in turn requires a recent version of Rails.

  • Rails 4.2+
  • PostgreSQL 9.4
  • ImageMagick


Assuming you have a Rails app ready to go, add the following line to the Gemfile:

gem 'push_type'

Then execute from the terminal:

bundle install

Once bundler has done its thing, you’ll be able to use PushType’s Rails generators. Execute from the terminal:

rails g push_type:install

That will install a configuration file in config/initializers, setup some rules is config/routes.rb, and migrate your database.

Finally, from the terminal run this rake task to create a user with which you’ll be able to log in to PushType:

rake push_type:create_user

What next?

I’m guessing that didn’t even take five minutes, right?

At this point, you can fire up your application and start poking around in the admin UI:


However, you won’t be able to create any content yet. You need to start generating node types.

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(Prussiap) #2

Well it’s not that i didn’t figure it out and assume correctly but the doc section on teh bottom that said /admin for the ui. It’s changed here but not on the doc page as far as I can tell.

I went through setup and went to push_type but then realized admin didn’t really exist after checking here.

Thanks again for the info and site.

(Aaron Russell) #3

Sorted :thumbsup: These posts don’t get automatically updated if changes get made to the documentation site - it needs a manual kick.

(Will) #4

I’ve got to the final step and failed. It just hangs on “rake push_type:create_user” with no output. any clues?

(Will) #5

Just looking at that rake task (

It hasn’t got anything fancy like adding PG extensions like some of the migrations, but it does use “ask” to ask questions in terminal. Neat, I’ve not seen that before : )

It doesn’t get to ask me anything though. I guess that’s why it’s hanging.


I tried just typing my name, to see if the prompts were missing but it would work - that seemed to wake it up and it started asking the questions.

After that, /admin gave an error, but /push_type (lucky guess!) worked. Yay.

(Aaron Russell) #6

@asecondwill I’m guessing the issues you had are related to the old version you were trying previously?

The output issue with the rake task sounds weird though. Do you still have this problem with the latest PushType?

(Will) #7

hi @aaron - no. it was all self inflicted by having rails 4.1. I upgraded to 5 and all good.