Nodes with unexpose! shouldn't have permalink field and preview button in admin

(Priit Pärna) #1

As said from the title, these two shouldn’t be available in admin imho :innocent:

For example I use different nodes for content pieces on my project: carousel items, grid tiles etc, what don’t stand out as individual pages.

(Aaron Russell) #2

With the permalink we do actually need to keep the permalink field. This is because you can have a structure where a parent node is unexposed but it’s children are exposed. So the parents “slug” makes up its children’s permalink. (I use this pattern quite a lot for “category” pages, where I don’t need a parent page which is a list of all categories, but I do want a page for each individual category).

With the preview button you are right - that is absolutely redundant and will most likely raise an error if someone clicks it. I’ll add an issue to remove it.