Preview page or link to the frontend

(Jordan Elver) #1

It would be nice to be able to preview a page or maybe just add a link to the Node on the frontend?

PushType development roadmap
(Aaron Russell) #2

Agreed. This is a planned feature. In the original prototypes there was a button to preview a node, but it’s been removed as the feature didn’t exist.

I’ve got an informal road map, which I need to publish on here. I’ll have a think where this sits on the roadmap and get back to you @jordelver.

(Jordan Elver) #3

Ok, that sounds good.

(Aaron Russell) #4

Hey @jordelver so we now have a roadmap and this is on it! Although not until version 0.7.0 as this relates to some other work I want to do with integrating with different user models / authentication systems.

Here are my thoughts through, this should basically just use the existing NodesFrontEndController#show action. Take a look at this code:

What I’m thinking is fiddle with the scope chain so that if params[:preview] && user_signed_in? then don’t call the published scope. Make sense?

But that’s where it gets tricky - user_signed_in? relates to what I’m saying in the first paragraph.