Push Type is exactly what the Rails community needs

(Alex Brinkman) #1

I wanted to add my appreciation and thanks to @aaron and the PushType team/community for their hard work on this project. I work for a small agency and we’ve been looking for a viable CMS to run along side our Rails projects for years. Nothing we’ve used ever felt right and we constantly ended up rolling our own in some way or another.

PushType is on Rails 5, uses the MIT license and works very well with Devise, all requirements for us. After spending the last week integrating it into an existing project, I couldn’t be happier. It has a very clean UI and is easy to understand for the users. It’s not trying to add every feature imaginable, just the ability to add and edit content and media - perfect.

Every project has its own special needs, and trying to bend a CMS to fit into those needs is where you learn if a CMS is legit or not. The code for Push is extremely well written, I learned a ton just diving through the source. I was able to get all of my project’s weird requirements to work, through the responsive and helpful guidance of Aaron and the other posts on this forum - thank you!

This project is young, and as expected, it still has a ways to go with documentation. It would also be nice to see a roadmap of some sort, to know where the project is headed and what features are in the works. I’ve been able to infer some of that by reading through the posts on Discourse, but a more formal list would be nice to see.

Very well done, and again, thank you!

(Aaron Russell) #2

Thanks Alex - this means a lot. It’s reassuring to hear where you’re seeing positives is exactly where I’ve seen pain points and tried to tackle them in the product’s design.

Regarding the last paragraph, there is an informal roadmap / changelog post here, but it’s all a bit rough. Now that a small community is developing around PushType I’m working out how to better document this kind of thing and how to best to solicit discussion and contributions from the community.