Rails 5

(Aaron Russell) #1

A branch has been created for Rails 5 compatibility:


A small amount of work has been done to get the tests running (of which there’s a fair few failing). I’ll keep this topic updated once all of the issues have been diagnosed, and to track progress on the individual issues.


1. Name collision in closure_tree

Status: Waiting for a new closure_tree gem. Has been merged into closure_tree#master but no new gem yet.

2. hash_tree bug in closure_tree

Status: Waiting for PR to be merged and new closure-tree gem.

3. Changes to Arel::Table api

Status: Fixed

(Aaron Russell) #2

The above 3 issues are the only known problems at this point. A new release from closure_tree should be good enough for PushType to be Rails 5 compatible.

PushType development roadmap
(Aaron Russell) #3

Have created our own closure_tee fork with which all tests are passing.

So, just waiting for that new closure_tree gem now…

(Aaron Russell) #4

Rails 5 ready gem has been released in beta.


gem 'push_type', '>= 0.9.0.beta.1'

(Aaron Russell) #5

Version 0.9.0 is shipped.

gem ‘push_type’, ‘~> 0.9.0’

(Aaron Russell) #6

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