Remove need for node_path helper method

(Danny) #1

Would it be possible, in the future, to implement node permalinks the way Rails handles them? e.g. the node itself represents node_path(node). Rather than:

link_to "Home", node_path(node)

do this:

link_to "Home", node

This is less verbose and follows the same idea as Rails’ routing (for lack of a better term). Not sure if this is possible or not, just putting it out there.

(Aaron Russell) #2

I agree that would be a nice convenience but it’s Rails that performs that piece of magic and so this would involve digging deep in to the bowels of Rails. Something I’d like to avoid doing.

(Danny) #3

Definitely not worth it then. It was really confusing for a first time user especially with the lack of documentation but that will change in the future.