"Save and publish"

(Epipheus) #1

“Save and publish” doesn’t save or publish until you then click the master “Save button”

I don’t get it. Why?

(Aaron Russell) #2

The right hand side of the publish button acts as a toggle for setting the “mode” of the publish button. Either to “save as draft” or “save as published”. Under the hood, changing that setting is simply toggling a boolean published status value.

Alternatively there could be a “published” checkbox above the save button. Or there could be two separate buttons “save as draft” or “publish”.

Someone else has mentioned this before, finding it confusing. Maybe it does need a rethink.

(Epipheus) #3

I think it might be OK in the current form if you had an unclickable title in the drop down – “Save mode” and either put a check next to the one that is “on” or use javascript to change the name of the button to suit the mode. I think doing both would make it clear andyou wouldn’t have to change a whole lot of the underlying backend.

(Danny) #4

I do agree with everyone claiming it is confusing. The safeguard of accidentally publishing a draft is good as it takes 2 extra clicks to publish. However, I would prefer a 1-click safeguard e.g. Click on Drop down arrow -> select action.

Having to click the button again after selecting a different mode is very strange and I personally haven’t seen that before in user interfaces.

(Kevin Young) #5

I also think the UX for the save/publish workflow needs a rethink. Right now it requires two clicks to save or publish, which can slow down the workflow in the CMS and get tiring. I think there should be two buttons “Save Draft” and “Publish”.

I would be happy to submit a PR on Github for this.