Save / Publish button confusing

(Jordan Elver) #1

I found the button confusing. If you want to publish the page you have to select “Save and publish” and then press publish. I think it would better to just have two buttons?

What do you think?

(Aaron Russell) #2

I don’t disagree although I’d be inclined to leave this for now. That button is pretty complex as there’s quite a few contexts as to how you might interact with it (simply saving/publishing a new post, scheduling a future post, unpublishing a previously published post).

There’s a reasonable amount of code behind that button, so I’d rather leave as is until it’s been used more and discussed more.

(Jordan Elver) #3

That’s a good idea. I’ve only pressed it twice so far :stuck_out_tongue:

(Aaron Russell) #4

"Save and publish"